• The Music and Storytelling Experience

    Through fun and creative play, my music and storytelling sessions capture the attention of children, families, children and adults with additional needs, and elders with or without dementia.


    I transform music and stories into an exciting and enjoyable holistic experience for everyone. Sessions combine interactive stories, songs & chants, with guitar, percussion, and blends of classical and world music.

    Combining the rhythm, pace, expression, patterns and repetition within the stories and the music, I help participants of all ages to build their language, memory, coordination, and communication skills.

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    For Children

    • Stories can teach children how to think about handling new or challenging situations.
    • These storytelling sessions help children develop their vocabulary, memory, social skills and ability to concentrate.
    • The sessions are interactive, with movement and props, and encourage the children to use their own initiative and imagination. 
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    For Elders

    • Familiar stories and music draw out happy memories and helps Elders feel acknowledged and secure.
    • The songs are familiar songs, to stimulate and evoke memory, and you encourage people to sing, and we give them instruments. 
    • The stories are told in a more conversational, adult way, respectfully taking in ideas and contributions, and reminiscences and folding them into the story. 
    • I engage with the carers, helping them to relax and enjoy the session and giving them opportunity to see the Elders in a new light. 
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    For Children and Adults with Additional Needs

    • Sessions are flexible depending on the needs in the room. 
    • I emphasise the expression in the music and its patterns, helping those with limited language and comprehension to become involved in the story and exploring emotions in the story. 
    • I aim to be responsive to suggestions and inclinations in the group, encouraging everyone to shine in their own way.
    • Fewer words, more music, sometimes even singing a story.
    • Builds self-esteem, confidence, group communication and cooperation. 
    • I involve the carers in the activities, giving them a chance to relax and play alongside participants.