• About Pippa Reid

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    Since I was a baby in the pram, I have loved to sing! When I became a college student I learned to play folk guitar. It was my third choice for my Wednesday afternoon optional activities, but it must have been serendipity, because playing guitar has taken me on extraordinary adventures and changed my life...


    I played and sang in folk clubs and festivals. When I had children, I became a guest musician in nurseries, and in friendship clubs and care homes for elders. I discovered how music could spark magic in people, allowing groups of strangers to create, imagine, collaborate and concentrate together.

    Through many party requests, I became a children's entertainer. I used music, games, and storytelling to create parties that encouraged a group's imagination, inspired by themes such as the circus, a safari, adventures around the world, or under the sea.

  • I met music teacher, Shirley Scott at her son's birthday party. Together, we founded Say Hello to Music, exploring musical education with children for over 20 years, pioneering practices like musical storytelling, interactive musical games, teaching about composers and their lives, and making collaborations with classical and folk musicians from world traditions.


    When I launched the Music and Storytelling Experience, I developed it with children and their teachers in mind, but it has proved popular with a much wider range of groups, including children and adults with additional needs, dementia, adapting and expanding my approach to spark the same magical effects each time. I've learnt to pass on the skills, techniques and confidence that I've developed over thirty years, to carers, storytellers, educators and keen enthusiasts. I'm proud that they are using these tools to build strong relationships and see the people they are working with in new lights.


    I have a very deep well of experience and a wide repertoire, which means I can shape each experience to its specific audience and their needs. I can "read a room" and my intuition usually tells me what stories, music, and language will energise and inspire.

    I love connecting with people of all ages, abilities and backgrounds, finding just the right way to engage them.


    Feel free to get in touch with me to find out more!

  • My guiding principles

    I believe that...


    ...it's much easier to learn, build skills and develop relationships when you're playing and having fun.


    ...music and storytelling have a unique way of reaching people, connecting them with each other, and helping them express their feelings.


    ...music and storytelling experiences can reveal your untapped skills, building confidence and making everyone feel included.

    Who I've worked with

    The Museum of London, Museum in Docklands, folk festivals including Sidmouth International Festival of Folk Arts and Towersey Festival, many libraries across London, National Autistic Society Harrow, Royal Derby Hospital Stroke Unit, and Jewish Care homes, among many other groups and institutions.

    Safety and Responsibility

    My Equity Membership means that I'm covered by up to £10 million in Public Liability Insurance, and you can be assured of my professional excellence.

    I am a member of the Society for Storytelling which promotes and supports oral storytelling in the UK.